Dirty Southern Winter

by Gortaigh

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released November 27, 2016

All lyrics by Bansheerie. Djeka Ferecov - vocals in (1). Sadhu - vocals in (2). Domilition - vocals in (4). Nijat - acoustic guitars in (2), (4). Cover art by Alexander Popov.



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Hiazm Russian Federation

Hiazm is Ostiarii Wakim' one man band from the South, though from the south of Russia. He creates and records dirty, hissing and heavy sludge in his underground studio.

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Track Name: Dirty (feat. djeka BROKENCHELUST)
Have you ever been to the town of Ravenrock?
It’s a place you end up when you’re hell outta luck,
The locals cling to shadows and worship cruel gods,
They’d burned the Holy Bible and wrote their own in blood

When the time is right they gather in the woods
To perform the rites of their tainted brood,
Make a sacrifice and feast on human flesh,
Leaving only sinews, blackened bones and ash

The curse of Ravenrock grows stronger every day,
They prowl the countryside, lead travelers astray,
Hunt them down and boil the meat in a dirty pot,
Sucking out the marrow till there’s nothing left to rot
Track Name: Southern (feat. Sadhu)
In the swamps of Louisiana putrid vapors eat you mind,
Best stock up on marijuana ‘cause in this hell God is hard to find,
Swarms of tiny disgusting insects lay their eggs in your open wounds,
Welcome to our warm meat mincer, hope you’ll stay till the full moon

Southern paradise,
Visit us tomorrow,
Southern paradise,
You’ll never gonna leave

Dangling on a dead tree branches hangs a man who fucked up his life,
Elsewhere people throwing punches, fire guns and flash their knives,
This decaying purgatory is too hot and tempers flare,
In the war for territory all good land has been laid bare

I am eating twitching maggots, haven’t had such a feast for weeks,
I am filthy, sick and haggard, the bog is black like the River Styx,
It’s a struggle for survival and the swamp has the upper hand,
Turns out I’m a shitty rival, but I’ll break before I bend
Track Name: Winter
Cold is seeping
Into your bones,
Cold is ripping
Through flesh and blood

We charge with madness into the fray,
We believe in our cause and we won’t parley,
We are blind children of one true god,
We will freeze your veins in the name of the Lord

Have you ever heard of a cold so cold
It rips out the guts from your broken soul,
We cut out your eyes and bury you in the snow,
Bringing the suspense into the show

We will leave you forgotten like a squashed dead doll,
We devour your dreams for we are the cold,
We pierce your brains for we are the ice,
We will bring the eternal winter sunrise
Track Name: Seeping darkness, ripping cold (feat. Domilition)
Darkness is seeping through the walls of my room,
Shadows are creeping in the gathering gloom,
Sunset is fading, daylight is gone,
I’m all alone in my temple of bones,
Moon rises high and the stars come along,
My soul grows cold like a moldy tombstone
Cold is seeping
Into my bones,
Cold is ripping
Through flesh and blood