A vile thing

by Gortaigh

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released July 9, 2016

All lyrics by Bansheerie.



all rights reserved


Hiazm Russian Federation

Hiazm is Ostiarii Wakim' one man band from the South, though from the south of Russia. He creates and records dirty, hissing and heavy sludge in his underground studio.

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Track Name: hey, Mr.J.
I walked through my hometown,
I noticed a guy,
I knew him at once
Although he was high,
The wounds in his hands
Had long turned to white scars,
He lay in the dirt
Outside Chesterfield bar
I said
Hey, Mr. Jesus
How do you feel,
He said “I am fine, boy,
I had me some pills”
But Mr. Jesus
You look quite unwell,
He spat and he told me
To go straight to hell
His face was all bloody
And his shirt was torn,
Like he had a brawl
And the other guy won,
They threw him away
And then locked the door,
He’d played his main role
They don’t need him no more
I said
Hey Mr. Jesus
Are you gon’ be okay?
“Spare me some change boy
I’m in need of cocaine”,
But I had no money
He shrugged and he lurched
And he went down the road,
I went back to the church
Track Name: life is a bitch is a whore like before
Darkness is seeping through the walls of my room,
Shadows are creeping in the gathering gloom,
Sunset is fading, daylight is gone,
I’m all alone in my temple of bones,
Moon rises high and the stars come along,
My soul grows cold like a moldy tombstone,
I’ve been here too long and it feels all wrong,
I step to the window to see what’s goin’ on,
Handsome boy and beautiful girl
Kiss in the street, dead to the world,
In five years he’s a hideous junkie creep,
And she’s a dirty slut with a cunt mile deep
The world keeps turning,
My fire’s still burning
Life is a bitch – it hits you hard,
You’ve got a new stitch – stay on your guard,
Life is a whore – it cheats on you,
Just like before – you’ll make it through
Track Name: for a price of some lies
Everyone tries to rise to paradise
For a price of some lies and a pair of dice,
Everyone tries to be someone these days,
But a race of faceless no-ones has taken their place,
Disgrace doesn’t scare anyone anymore
When the race against time is outside the door,
Hardcore civic position and network connection
Win you the affection of human infection,
The brainless trash that you call society
Spreads like a rash of disgusting variety,
Anxiety is building up like pus in a gashing wound,
We need a breath of fresh night wind sent by the Mistress Moon
Track Name: hauling this mauling unbearable load
A fire is burning in the depth of my soul,
A vile thing yearning to be in control,
Every passing mile smiles at me like death
And I ask myself why I’m still drawing breath,
But I keep on going down this terrible road,
Hauling this mauling unbearable load,
The wind is blowing and lightning glows red,
Maybe they forgot to tell me I was already dead,
Step too close to the flame and you will get scorched,
‘Cause this fucking life is a lame ugly whore,
You played with knives and got a fresh stitch
And soon you’ll get another ‘cause life is a bitch
Track Name: her flesh raw
We have already seen it,
And we liked what we saw,
And you may not believe it,
But we ate her flesh raw
We have seen it, we have seen it,
It was scary, cold and damp,
We have seen it, we have seen it,
It was bloody, tight and cramped
We have seen it, we have seen it,
In an armchair, Tudor-styled,
We have seen it, we have seen it,
Sat the girl whom you defiled
Track Name: alone
I am alone,
The night has just fallen,
I’m lying and waiting
For them to come,
This ugly life
Full of betrayal,
Has taken from me
The friend that I’ve found
I pray to the Lord
I know from the old book,
To take me from here
And into the light,
While this doomed world
And its filthy vermin
Quietly slide
Into eternal night
I am alone,
The night has just fallen,
I’m lying and waiting
For them to come